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Managed Payroll Services For Management Information

Managed Payroll Services For Management Information
Alison Clynes
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Tuesday, 20 July 2010 23:00

Competent, trained payroll administrators can do more for businesses than producing the monthly payroll (though with today's diverse workforce and constantly changing regulatory complexities that is challenging in itself.) With all the data which payroll services hold in order to pay wages and HMRC returns, highly informative reports can be produced that can help businesses enormously.

Payroll administrators have information on every employee, contractor, agency worker and freelancer, regarding home locality, gender, age-group, ethnicity, bank details, tax status, hours and days worked, extra availability and overtime, travel methods and expenses, family and childcare responsibilities, sickness records and disabilities, training records, trades union and charity affiliations. So, whenever government requires a statistical return on, say, age-ranges employed, or gender of new recruits, the payroll services can quickly provide it, and easily demonstrate correct compliance.

Payroll information can also be enormously helpful for in-house management. For example, examination of absence records can reveal patterns suggesting a problem with long-term health, or morale. Whether this is with an individual, or across a whole work section, the information can alert management and enable early intervention to address the problem. Similarly, examination of staff numbers, deployment and costs can identify areas of over- or under-staffing or under-performance. It can reveal a need for, or over-reliance on, overtime or agency staff. This allows informed decisions on recruitment, training, or re-deployment.

A good payroll services company, such as us at Dataplan Payroll, can provide all this additional information easily and promptly. With businesses already stretched concentrating on core activities, many are finding managed payroll servicessuch as ours are more cost-effective and efficient than running their own.

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