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Official Errors

Official Errors
Alison Clynes
Written by
Thursday, 06 August 2009 23:00

Politicians all tell businesses that they want to simplify the legislation which they have to deal with everyday. Despite these promises, they don't deliver on them. For example, the tax statutes increase in size every year. In particular PAYE has become increasingly complex.

The number of staff engaged in PAYE audits by H M Revenue & Customs keeps increasing. Whilst the government claim that those staff are not given targets of extra tax, interest and penalties to collect, you may wish to consider the following. In order for staff to receive promotions and higher salaries, they need to get good reports.

Their reports measure their performance in their jobs. The measure of performance for staff undertaking audits is the number of settlements and the average collected per settlement. Whilst no-one would ever want to accuse the government of untruths, the facts do speak for themselves.

As if this was not bad enough the number of queries on tax coding notices increased by 20% last year from 16 million to 20 million. In order to query official errors, you need to understand the system. This is no doubt in part due to the way technical work is being done by lower level staff.

It is no surprise therefore that more and more businesses are using a payroll bureau. Dataplan are able to offer payroll outsourcing to your business whatever the size of your payroll. Your company will have two contacts that know your business and are able to assist in dealing with queries from employees and H M Revenue & Customs alike.

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