Written by Richard Rowell
Published on July 11, 2009

With software as a service (saas) and cloud computing in very high profile again at the moment, we have been revisiting our Internet strategy.

Most businesses now have broadband Internet of some form or another. And everyone will agree that the Internet is changing the way that we do business. But what does that mean for payroll.

Some early adopters of these new technologies are pushing full blown online payroll services where you effectively access payroll software online. This form of saas is just like having Sage payroll available online. I can see the appeal, no backups needed, software is always up to date etc.

When I look at our own experience of payroll outsourcing it shows a different motive for outsourcing payroll in the first place. It isn't that our customers want to process their payroll themselves albeit online.

Overwhelmingly, it is about getting rid of payroll headaches. Not having to worry about having skilled staff available when you need them.

From our little corner of Lincolnshire we think the Internet is fantastic. It enables fast and secure communication. It allows us to speed up the repetitive capture of data. It allows us to have a 24/7 presence on the web with customers having access to their pay data. It gives an electronic audit trail of who has seen and approve what. It even adds value, letting customers see and use their payroll information in many different ways.

What it doesn't do is to replace the technical ability and payroll knowledge of a team of payroll professionals working on your behalf. Just the reasons most people outsource their payroll in the first place.

To see what we do offer via our online services watch for my next blog on paysafe.