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Outsourcing Payroll And The Future

Outsourcing Payroll And The Future
Alison Clynes
Written by
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 23:00

Now that we have a coalition government, there are several policies that are likely to cause payroll services departments a problem in that they may have to change the way the payroll works, not least of which is the proposed rise in National Insurance. It also seems likely that a new, higher income tax allowance to help the lowest wage earners in Britain may be introduced as well.

Large and small firms are already downsizing their personnel, sometimes by offering early retirement to members of staff. However, payroll outsourcing may well prove to be the answer to a good many problems.

Some football clubs in Britain are already choosing to use a payroll company to deal with the task. A Premier League stadium needs a large number of staff to take care of all the things needed to run a football club. Laundry - a lot of football kits need washing - security to monitor CCTV cameras and carry out other duties associated with the security of the stadium, the pitch needs to be maintained by skilled groundsmen, cleaners will keep the terraces and other areas clean and tidy and stewards to assist at matches.

Using a payroll company such as Dataplan Payroll services is quite likely to be the future of wage payment in Britain and other countries. A company employing skilled and experienced people dedicated to one thing only - making sure the right amount of money appears in your bank account and on time. Outsourcing your payroll is a bold concept and one to definitely be considered.

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