Written by Carly Boyd
Published on April 28, 2014

In the immediate aftermath of year end many companies worry about their P60’s and getting them out on time can be a stressful business. The deadline for having P60’s in the employee’s hands is 31st May, so what is our process for making sure our clients get theirs on time?

A P60 is a statement produced to your employees at the end of the financial year. They should never be destroyed because they are vital proof that the employee has paid tax on their wages should the issue be called into question. Only employees who worked for the company on 5th April 2014 will get a P60, any employees who left on 4th April or before will not be issued a P60 for your company and the year to date figures on their P45 will stand until they gain new employment.

Dataplan are currently in the process of printing and sending all of the P60’s to their clients for their employees with the aim of having everything to the customers by mid-May, leaving plenty of time for them to distribute the P60’s to their employees.

If you have any questions about your P60's or would like to hear more about online eP60 or ePayslips please give us a call on 03331 123456.