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Payroll outsourcing makes good business sense

Payroll outsourcing makes good business sense
Alison Clynes
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Saturday, 05 September 2009 23:00

When you decide on payroll outsourcing what you are doing is handing your payroll process over to a company that specialises in doing the payroll function on behalf of your company. Thus, payroll outsourcing means the company will do the physical work of tallying up the hours of your employees and creating the necessary paycheques for each of your employees.

All business owners know the myriad of accounting transactions that goes into the whole process of payroll. There are all the deductions such as the applicable taxes, employee benefits and insurance premiums that must be done.

As a payroll outsourcing company we have a team of experts working together efficiently to complete your payroll. Through payroll outsourcing, you move the burden of this task from the shoulder of your staff. Thus, the staff has no need to learn specialised duties, but can concentrate on their primary tasks.

We do the hard work

Payroll outsourcing means the burden of administration concerning the record keeping responsibilities and tax deductions and reporting passes to us at Dataplan Payroll. We see to all tax issues and the timely deposit of pay into employees' accounts.

Throughout you will be provided with full management reports. As your payroll outsourcing company, we save you time, money and resources that can be utilized elsewhere in your business.

Not only does payroll outsourcing hold the above benefits for a business. It helps improve morale and productivity within the business. Employees are more motivated when they know that there will never been any problems with their pay and that everything will be correct and on time.

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