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Payroll Outsourcing Services For Maximising Flexible Working Benefits

Payroll Outsourcing Services For Maximising Flexible Working Benefits
Alison Clynes
Written by
Sunday, 30 May 2010 23:00

One way of attaining a good work - life balance is to work flexibly. Recent UK research suggested that having control over working hours meant employees had healthier heart rates and blood pressure, and had positive affects on their mental health, stress levels, and sleep patterns.

Flexible working takes many forms. With 'flexi time', the employee is allowed leeway in how hours are deployed, usually around core business times. Then there is part-time working, and the more complex rolling rota of shift patterns. There can be job-sharing, and working from home. In the 10/4 model, ten hours are worked daily for four days in the week. With staggered hours, employees in the same workplace have different start, finish and break times. This all needs to be accounted for with your payroll services provider.

There is a legal right to have requests for flexible working considered, if not necessarily granted. It is not always appropriate. But many employers now realise the benefits to their businesses of flexible working. Sickness levels and unauthorised absences are reduced, and staff motivation and productivity increase. There are improvements in efficiency and cost-effectiveness, and also savings on overheads if employees work from home. Rolling shifts, facilitating 24-hour working, mean less down-time from machinery, whilst extended business hours can broaden the customer base.

The only negative aspect to operating flexible working is the extra pressure placed on payroll processing services due to the greater complexity of staff wages. Why not contact Dataplan Payroll, where we have payroll services experts who can take the strain for you.

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