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Payroll Solutions For Businesses With Occasional Workers

Payroll Solutions For Businesses With Occasional Workers
Alison Clynes
Written by
Monday, 15 March 2010 10:00

The presence of occasional workers on a company payroll adds a degree of complication. That applies especially if those workers aren't regular, like Saturday retail staff, but only work now and again in busy times or to cover shifts when other workers are ill or otherwise away.

Quite often, some kinds of business will have a large pool of these 'bank staff' to call upon at need. The pool will change and not every worker may be used every week or every month. P45 forms will be coming in and out, and bank staff may have another job and be using occasional work to supplement their main income. Obviously, it takes fairly sophisticated payroll processing services to account correctly for all these different employees with different circumstances, working different hours and getting different pay in every pay period.

Many bank staff are young, and minimum wages may well be being applied. Both of those are complicating factors too. Occasional foreign workers may be subject to different tax conditions again. All these things need to be considered with devising a payroll solution. A simple, straight out of the box one is unlikely to cover the needs of businesses with occasional or bank staff, but every payroll solution is tailored to the individual client company anyway, so we can keep set up costs reasonable.

We can develop an effective and efficient payroll solution and other services for companies that use bank staff. Complex and difficult payroll processing services are something of a speciality of ours.

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