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Payroll Solutions For Mandatory Online Returns

Payroll Solutions For Mandatory Online Returns
Alison Clynes
Written by
Thursday, 20 May 2010 23:00

The UK government is now pressing for online filing for financial returns. Data on pensions, for individuals and certain businesses, has been submitted online since 2007. E-filing for Income Tax Returns, for both self-employed individuals and larger businesses, has been encouraged for the past three years. Electronic tax payments, and e-forms for End-of-Year Tax Returns, have been operational since April 2009. P35's and P14's for Tax Year 2009/10 are being submitted electronically from April 2010.

It is expected that online filing will become mandatory for all businesses soon, which obviously includes any payroll solutions in place. That means all matters relating to PAYE, pensions, Corporation Tax and so on will have to be submitted online.

Is your finance department ready and able to comply? Is your current software compatible with requirements for the HMRI website, and able to perform the calculations necessary? If not, you could be in for an expensive phase of staff training updates and new software packages as you attempt to bring your payroll services up to speed. The cost in time and money could, of course, have a detrimental effect on your own production and profitability. But if you get it wrong, you will have to face HMRI threatening fines for errors, as well as your own disaffected and de-motivated workforce.

However, there is a simple, efficient and cost-effective payroll solution. Let managed payroll services from a payroll company such us ourselves at Dataplan Payroll, deal with it all for you. We have the software, the professional staff, and the on-going training updates. Payroll solutions are our core business. Let us do ours, to help you do yours.

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