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Payroll Varieties

Payroll Varieties
Alison Clynes
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Monday, 30 August 2010 23:00

For employees, the only point of the payroll process is to make sure that they get paid the correct amount of money on time. For employers, the picture is a little more complicated. All the back room aspects of the payroll that the staff can ignore are tasks that must be completed by the employer.

Staff may be permanent, temporary, full time or part time. They may be on holiday, maternity leave or off sick. Then there are new staff who have just missed the pay run and need an interim payment or any extra bonuses that have been agreed. In all these situations, the salary or wages must be calculated and paid in accordance with legislation.

Payroll outsourcing can take this load off an employer. A payroll company deals with payroll all the time, so this is their core business. Just as you have your central area you wish to concentrate upon, so payroll companies do the same.

Here at Dataplan Payroll, our managed payroll services will free up your time to deal with the main areas of your business and you can be confident that your payroll will be accurately maintained, no matter how complicated. With over forty years of experience in the business, there is not much that we haven't dealt with before.

Whether it is attachments to earnings, such as Council Tax Orders, or end of contract payments such as pay in lieu of notice or statutory redundancy payments, we will manage the payments in a competent and timely manner so that your business efficiency is maintained.

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