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The small business saviour

The small business saviour
Alison Clynes
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Friday, 02 October 2009 09:00

Too many people still consider that using a payroll company is something for big businesses. Yes, large businesses do make use of payroll companies, but in reality the small business has greater need of a payroll company than any of its larger counterparts.

You would ask why as a small business has a much smaller payroll to process. So why is a payroll company so important for this group? Larger companies often have not only an HR department, but an exclusive payroll department.

In small businesses, the payroll becomes a jack of all trades job for someone. This means whoever does payroll lacks experience to do payroll flawlessly. This means there is no up to date knowledge of changes and amendments in the tax laws available at all times.

When mistakes creep in with payroll taxes it can be far more devastating for a small business. The penalties for defaulting on taxes, whether by ignorance or deliberate action are extremely harsh. Often small businesses pass over the whole payroll tax issue to their accountant. The accountant will charge for this service and any other services are rendered to the company.

At the same time payroll processing on a monthly basis must still be handled within the business. Dataplan Payroll is a full service payroll company and, as such, we take over the entire payroll function for your small business.

This means every payroll function on a monthly basis that also includes handling all tax issues. Our guarantee is that all taxes will be paid in accordance with up to date regulations, thus your business will never incur penalties. You no longer pay different people for various aspects of payroll, as our fee is all-inclusive.

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