What is a Payroll Bureau Service?

What is a Payroll Bureau Service?
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Sunday, 25 April 2010 23:00

A payroll bureau is a bit of an uncertain term, and it doesn't help matters that many purported payroll bureaus have very divergent ideas about what kinds of services a payroll bureau should offer. As a pure payroll outsourcing company (i.e. a payroll company that deals only in payroll related activities) at Dataplan Payroll we feel that we have a better idea than most, and that is why we feel our payroll bureau service is just as a it should be. Not an outsourcing solution with certain bits missing to bring down cost, but rather a fully formed payroll solution.

Unfortunately many companies offer a bureau service, as outsourcing with some of the functionality missing. So to offer a cheaper product they will exclude things like BACS payments and end of year tax returns from their service. These kinds of cuts don't appeal to us, and we feel that our commitment to offering the best service that we possibly can precludes us from cutting essential features from our payroll outsourcing package, such as BACS payment.

Instead at Dataplan Payroll our payroll bureau is a fully managed solution that includes a variety of features, such as pension compliance, BACS payment, a dedicated project manager - the list goes on.

It is only by offering these features that we feel we have the right to call ourselves a payroll company, and it is only with this kind of rigour that you can guarantee tax compliance and the efficient payment of your employees.

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