HMRC is frequently considered to be one of the more old-fashioned public organisations, with highly bureaucratic (and heavily paper-based) processes in place.

Nonetheless, HMRC has recently made an innovation that sees it step further into the 21st Century with the launch of its free Personal Tax app. The app enables UK taxpayers to access their tax and benefit information via their smartphone or tablet.

Here are some examples of what the HMRC app can be used for:

  • Viewing your tax code, income and benefits;
  • Confirming your National Insurance number;
  • Renewing tax credits;
  • Tracking forms and letters sent to HMRC;
  • Obtaining an estimate of your tax bill.

Further information regarding the app is available on the GOV.UK website.

At Dataplan, we pride ourselves on our use of information technology and harnessing this to develop new solutions for our clients. As you would expect, then – we are a big fan of HMRC’s free app and the potential it has to make tax simpler for all.

HMRC App screen shots1989

Written by Jack SImpson
Published on March 20, 2019