Top 10 Employment Law changes for 2014

Top 10 Employment Law changes for 2014
Richard Rowell
Written by Richard Rowell
Sunday, 26 January 2014 20:37

Employment Law is constantly changing and 2014 is no different. At the start of the year this blog gives you a run down of the top 10 changes that employers should be aware of and start preparing for.

Our employment law changes list for 2014 was produced by our friends at Personnel Today.

Changes to TUPE come into force - major changes to TUPE are being made, including a new provision for pre-transfer consultation with transferring employees? Changes are due to come into force on 31 January 2014.

The window for pension automatic enrolment extended - The time period to auto-enrol eligible jobholders increases from one month to six weeks on 1 April 2014.

Early conciliation introduced - Discrimination questionnaire procedure repealed
Financial penalties imposed on employers that breach employment rights

Right to request flexible working extended to all employees - right to request flexible working to all employees. Implementation date of 6 April 2014.

Statutory rates increase - SMP OSPP ASPP SAP SSP increase on 6 April 2014.

Tribunals given power to order equal pay audits - employment tribunals will be required to order an equal pay audit in cases when an employer has been found to be in breach of the. Expected implementation equal pay provisions. Expected implementation October 2014.

National minimum wage may rise - typically increasing on 1 October 2014 there may be a further increase based on subject to the Low Pay Commission’s report - expected Spring 2014.

New approach to managing sickness absence introduced - Health and Work Service offering free occupational health assistance is to be introduced. The new service may be delivered in spring 2014, but this has not been confirmed.

For the full original article and supporting info see the original article at Personnel Today


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