Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Monday, 06 September 2010 14:16

Naturally enough, employees expect to be paid the correct amount at the correct time. It is part of the contract that they provide the time and work, in return for which they receive wages or salary.

For many businesses, the payroll side of things is an unwanted extra to all the other tasks that are the core area of business and are obviously the important area upon which to concentrate. Finding out about tax and National Insurance, holiday pay and sick pay is time consuming and causes anxiety because of the complexity, frequent deadlines and the need to meet statutory requirements. Once extras are factored in such as payroll giving, it is no wonder that many firms decide to outsource their payroll.

Here at Dataplan Payroll we have many years experience of providing payroll services, and they include everything that you would expect in an efficient and timely payroll, and this will be part of a programme that has been specifically designed to fit around your needs as a business.

Once you have managed payroll services to deal with your payroll, you can choose to offer your staff the opportunity of payroll giving, confident that it will be organised within the legislative requirements. Employees are often in favour of such schemes as they can give regularly to charity, knowing that the charity will also benefit from tax relief on the donation.

Managed payroll services offer not just freedom from payroll chores but the opportunity to do just that bit more.

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