Keeping Up With The Government

Keeping Up With The Government
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Sunday, 15 August 2010 23:00

It has always been the case that businesses and employers have to be up to date with changes in the tax system, but this is even more so at the moment, with the planning by the new government to deal with the national budgetary crisis.

For employers there is a lot to keep up with. Personal tax, national insurance contributions, pensions, save as you earn schemes, holiday pay, statutory sick pay and tax credits all vary according to an employee's circumstances, and then there are other issues such as maternity pay, adoption pay and how to manage the tax implications for commission and bonuses.

For an employer who is trying to make a business successful by seeking out new markets, ensuring their goods and services are top quality to will keep customers coming back and attract new ones, having to keep up with all the changes and requirements can be a bit of a nightmare.

This is where payroll outsourcing can be of real help. Here at Dataplan Payroll, we have expertise in all aspects of payroll processing services and we will remove the burden of all these obligations from the employer by providing managed payroll services that ensure both satisfaction from employees who are paid in a timely manner and confidence that all the statutory conditions are met.

Once you start using our payroll processing services, you will appreciate the efficiency and ease of our systems and will have the satisfaction of being able to leave all that side of your business to the experts.

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