The Professionals And Outsourcing

The Professionals And Outsourcing
Alison Clynes
Written by Alison Clynes
Sunday, 06 June 2010 23:00

The professional sector of businesses in this country - for example, firms of solicitors, architects and financial advisors - are particularly difficult to persuade to use outsourcing bureaus as it will represent the handing over of control to somebody not directly connected to their line of business.

They will therefore expect a payroll company to take client confidentiality very seriously. Typically, a payroll company will check all employment applicants very carefully before employing them. The payroll outsourcing company will ensure the highest levels of security where their computer systems are involved - especially when using the Internet. No payroll employee should be allowed to use their own CDs or DVDs for example, as they pose a potential security risk and the employee may inadvertently introduce a virus into the computer system.

The data contained for payroll in the professional sector is more sensitive than usual even though the processing of the payroll is no more complicated. As employees move up the corporate ladder, changes in their status will result in increases in their level of salary and a possible move into a different tax bracket as well. Since the professional sector provides a high level of service to their clients, they expect the same quality of service from any payroll outsourcing company.

At Dataplan Payroll services, we can provide that standard of excellence expected from professional firms and our client list reflects their belief that we offer this level of accuracy, punctuality and ability to quickly act upon changes in a client circumstances.

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