Why Dataplan won't be opening overseas call centres!

Why Dataplan won't be opening overseas call centres!
Rowena McVie
Written by Rowena McVie
Saturday, 15 September 2012 14:05

More and more UK based companies are outsourcing part of their payroll process to call centres overseas in an effort to reduce costs. We've come across centres in countries including India, Pakistan, Mauritius and Nepal! This can be extremely frustrating when you have a genuine issue that needs to be resolved.

The language barrier is one of the main annoyances for customers who find they are being directed through to the other side of the world. According to research carried out by MINTEL 80% of Brits do not want to speak to offshore call centres. Aside from this there are major security concerns as there have been many accounts reported of personal data being sold on, which understandably leaves people feeling anxious. There are also concerns over the UK economy and how outsourcing this work overseas will have a negative impact.

Here at Dataplan Payroll Limited we are committed to keeping our customers calls local and dealt with by the payroll processing team that look after your payroll month in month out. We have found that there are so many positives to doing this!

  • The people you speak to know your payroll
  • It helps to  support our local economy by providing more jobs within the UK
  • Our customers value the experience and knowledge, without facing any language barriers
  • We have our own in house web portal for sending confidential information called ePaysafe so there are no security issues
  • Any queries are dealt with quickly and effectively meaning our customers won't be listening to hold music for long periods of time.
  • Customers can get through to the exact person they wish to deal with and are not passed form pillar to post

We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to running a successful business and with this in mind we promise that our cstomer calls will remain firmly in the UK in our corner of Lincolnshire.

If you would like further information on our payroll outsourcing services then please contact us on 03331 123456 or follow this link for a payroll quote.

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