If you are considering outsourcing your payroll or looking
to change providers, talk to the Payroll Heroes

Payroll Service

Dataplan are a dedicated payroll services company. Whether you are a business that has already made the decision to outsource payroll, or you are looking for dedicated payroll business solutions, Dataplan’s managed payroll service is tailored to fit the needs of your organisation.

Our Payroll Heroes ensure your payroll is compliant, accurate, cost effective and hassle-free. With online payroll approval, options such as ePayslips and even PAYE consultancy, whatever your payroll requirements your payroll is in safe hands.


Why Outsource

Outsourcing areas of your business to experts who can provide a reliable and cost efficient service is generally viewed as being a sensible decision. Payroll outsourcing is one such area that has a proven track record as to the benefits it can bring a business.

Outsourced payroll is now within the reach of all sizes or business and organisation from the largest companies looking to streamline their operations to small and medium sized organisations faced with problems of compliance and recruiting, training and retaining staff.


Choosing a Provider

Your payroll is sensitive and time critical. When outsourcing responsibility for such a fundamental part of your business you need to be sure that the company you are outsourcing to have the expertise, capabilities and systems to provide the service you demand.

And although processes and systems are important, at the heart of a good outsourcing experience is the trust and confidence in the team who is working on your business.  There are a number of key criteria you must look to when choosing a payroll provider.


About Dataplan

Dataplan is a payroll company specialising in payroll solutions for businesses and organisations throughout the UK for over 45 years. We may not be the biggest but we do aspire to be the best payroll outsourcing provider in the UK.

Our philosophy is simple. To get really good at something, you need to specialise, and that’s why we concentrate on payroll outsourcing. Our Payroll heroes currently act for over 1000 organisations across the UK processing over £2 billion of payroll payments every year.