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We have been a payroll services provider since 1969, so we know a thing or two about what we’re doing! In that time the sector has changed beyond recognition, but whatever regulations or new technologies are thrown at us, what remains is the need for staff to be paid accurately and on time.

With increasing legislation and compliance many organisations are looking to outsource complex business operations to a payroll service company and we have a range of services to fit your business and sector needs.

Alongside our payroll processing services, we also provide advice and support on key areas such as PAYE, off payroll working and benefits in kind.

When you outsource to our managed payroll service it gives you peace of mind that your payroll is in capable hands.

Providing payroll services for non-UK based employees and entities.

We provide payroll services for UK companies with employees in the Republic of Ireland.

Payroll services for companies with employees based in Jersey Although part of the British Isles, Jersey is self-governing and…

Authorities using employees for election duties must operate under a standard PAYE scheme.

Payroll services for businesses who operate under a franchise agreement.

Alongside your payroll we can also manage your workplace pension payments and employee communications.

Our online payroll portal, ePaysafe, provides a secure, 24/7 access to your payroll submission and approval

Our ePayslips are so much more than electronic payslips, find out how they can become a secure employee communication channel.

We can provide the data for your GPG Reporting but also provide a more sophisticated ‘deep dive’ into your data.

If you provide employees with benefits in kind, you must submit P11D forms to HMRC advising them of the benefits and pay…

If you operate in the hospitality sector, handling your tips and gratuities through a Tronc scheme is fair and tax effective

Tap into the knowledge of our in-house experts in areas such as tax, pensions, benefits in kind and HR .

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We’re a friendly bunch and we promise no hard sell.

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