Payroll services for companies with employees based in the Republic of Ireland

We are often asked if we are able to provide services beyond the UK and for UK companies who have businesses in the Republic of Ireland, and the answer is YES.

We have made significant investment in our people, software, training and processes in order to be able to deliver this service. This allows us to process the payrolls according to the specific tax and legislative requirements of the Republic of Ireland:

  • Comply with PAYE and tax rules
  • PRSI (Pay Related Social Insurance) obligations
  • USC (Universal Social Change) tax
  • Maternity rules
  • Tax year end of 31st December
  • Inclusion of I Band Numbers in the BACS file

Through our ROS (Revenue Online Service) portal we are also able to link to our clients in order to collect P2C (tax codes) and submit year end, new starter and leaver information. With the Republic of Ireland economy in a period of growth, we are working with more companies who are capitalising on such a vibrant economy.

Irish Auto Enrolment Pensions

In addition, when the legislation has been passed, we will be able to support the commencement of Irish auto enrolment scheme which will include:

  • Assessment of employees

  • Processing opt outs and opt ins

  • Deducting contributions from salary

  • Producing auto enrolment letters where applicable

The scheme is expected to be set up in 2023 with employee enrolments commencing in 2024.



If you would like to find out more about our Irish Payroll service, please contact us and we will give you a call back to discuss

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