Managing your election payroll

HMRC changes back in 2014 saw the removal of forms P527 and P528 and the requirement to file under RTI for Authority employees who are engaged in the election process and administration.

All election staff must now operate under normal PAYE.

This has caused concern and challenges for many authorities and in response, Dataplan have designed a process to allow authorities to simplify the process of paying election staff.

Our Election Payroll Service

  • Assist the Returning Officer in creating a PAYE scheme and registering for RTI
  • Create a secure portal for dealing with your employees for each election
  • Issue instructions to employees on signing on to our electronic portal
  • Obtain a new starter declaration (previously form P46)
  • Obtain a declaration regarding temporary waiver of Working Time Directive Rights
  • Obtain bank details for payment
  • Receive payment details from you
  • Process the payroll including any PAYE / NIC due
  • Provide you with complete payroll for review
  • On approval issue electronic payslips to employees
  • Request funding from you into our client account
  • Pay employees using our BACS system
  • Additional payment run if required
  • Pay and PAYE / NIC’s to HMRC
  • File FPS with HMRC regarding the payments to employees
  • Issue P45’s electronically to employees
  • File EPS with HMRC advising that no further payments are due

If you would like to find out more about our Election Payroll service, please contact us and we will give you a call back to discuss

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