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Let us take the hassle out of your payroll.

If you work in payroll you will understand about the pressures of being responsible for such a mission-critical’ process. If staff don’t get paid accurately and on time, you won’t be in business for long. If you are not on top of the ever-changing legislation and compliance requirements you could find yourself on the wrong side of HMRC (and that’s a place no one wants to be).

As managed payroll providers, we take on this process, allowing you to focus your resource on other areas of your business.

The service is flexible and personal. It is not a budget, no-frills service. Our managed payroll service is based on transparent and honest pricing related to the number of employees paid each month. The price we quote will include all the services outlined in our quote so you can be sure of no hidden extra charges.

We can provide managed payroll services in the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Since we have moved to you the payroll has been such a doddle for me and I am so pleased we chose Dataplan. I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I can.

What's included in our fully managed payroll services?

Rather than provide a long list of what is included, it’s easier to say what isn’t.

What we don’t include are lots of hidden extras. If it is a process that is needed to run your payroll, such as inputting starters and leavers, issuing P45s and P60s or filing HMRC returns, then it is included.

This sounds obvious, but there are some payroll providers who do not include these in the payslips price but rather add on these essential tasks as additional costs.

Our managed payroll services are quoted based on your specific requirements. You won't be paying for services you don't need, nor face unexpected additions.

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Accredited BACS bureau

We are a fully accredited BACS bureau using the latest BACSTEL IP systems.

The benefit of using BACS is that it is a fully automated system. You simply approve your payroll and we do the rest for you. No re-keying of information into your electronic payments system and no having to remember to send a file to the bank.

Via our BACS system, we can pay your net pay, PAYE & NI, attachment of earnings, pensions, health schemes, and Union deductions. In fact, we can BACS just about anything. All you have to do is approve your payroll and we take care of the rest.

Comprehensive management information

The management information generated by your payroll can give you rich and timely information into your business. The data on absence, for example, can highlight potential health and morale problems.

As you would expect from a managed payroll service, Dataplan Payroll will automatically send you a comprehensive set of reports to approve before each payroll is finalised.

That’s fine, but we like to take it one stage further and work with our clients to put together bespoke management reports containing the information they most need to help manage their business..

managed payroll services

Multi-site payrolls

If your business has multiple sites or branches, you will probably be facing challenges such as;

  • remote workers
  • lack of payroll reporting
  • difficulties in obtaining information across branches
  • delays with HO approval
  • dependency on branch managers for the accuracy of payroll information.
  • different payroll cycles for each branch.

Our ePaysafe system has been built to handle such challenges and we have many clients, especially those in hospitality, education or the care sector who have multiple sites.

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