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Payrolls in the healthcare industry whether it is care home, nursing home or domiciliary care often have a high staff turnover, a mixture of weekly and monthly pay types, varying hours and overtime payments.

Dataplan has a great deal of experience handling payrolls for care homes, nursing homes and private hospitals across the UK and dealing with the payroll challenges these businesses have:

  • A high proportion of staff are often low paid which means constant monitoring of National Minimum Wage 
  • A high proportion of low paid workers often also results in high levels of staff turnover which means more starters and leavers for the payroll processing
  • Large numbers of foreign workers which can cause issues with names, ID and bank accounts
  • Often care homes have a number of "bank staff" on their books, who only work occasionally, giving rise to PAYE complications, employment issues and P45 complications
  • This care sector often operates in 4 weekly cycles for management reporting purposes with resulting variable pay dates each month
  • The profitability of a home depends on monitoring against tight margins. We can assist by providing payroll reports by departmental and role giving you exactly the payroll information that you need.

We have many homes in the care sector ranging from individual care homes to large care home groups and employee numbers from 30 to 20,000.

A professional, well managed, helpful and approachable team, who are great at what they do, Outsourcing to Dataplan was the best thing we did.

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