Access to our payroll portal with no software downloads

At Dataplan, we are very proud of our cloud-based online payroll portal , which allows you to login to your payroll account from any internet access. No need to download software or purchase licences. Our online portal is free to use for all our payroll clients.

Dataplan Client Portal

So what are the benefits of our online portal?

  • It’s fast - no more waiting for the post to send us your payroll information or receive payrolls to approve by ‘snail mail’
  • It’s secure – it may be accessed via the internet but it doesn’t use insecure email but rather everything is in a safe 256 bit encrypted environment
  • It gives you an audit trail – because it is an online system, it produces a clear audit trail of who approved what and when, all correspondence with us and where your payrolls are in the process
  • It keeps everything in one place – this may seem a minor point, but our clients tell us that the ability to have all their payroll information in one place that is easily accessed and viewed is a real bonus
  • It reduces paperwork – we may not yet be in a paperless office environment, but with information held in pdf format, we certainly aren’t contributing to the paper mountain
  • It’s ever changing – we are always adding new features to our online systems to improve the user experience and add new features. That is the beauty of having our own in-house team of developers who can respond to our client needs and to changes in payroll compliance.
  • It has dual approval – We have the option for the payroll to be reviewed and approved by one or more permitted users. For example, the payroll team could approve the payroll in the first instance, with the final approval being needed by your HR or Finance team or even a director.

Other Features

Secure communication

You can communicate with our payroll teams directly through the ePaysafe system. This is far more secure than email and also removes the risk of important information sitting in people's inboxes. The ePaysafe messaging system keeps an audit trail of the conversation and allows your processing team (not just the person you have contacted) to view and escalate if required.


You can self-service basic information and reports, giving you control over the powerful information and data your payroll provides.

SMS notifications

Many of our clients find our SMS notification service extremely useful. You can be alerted by SMS message when there is a payroll to approve, or when there is a BACS confirmation report.

Reminder system

Our online portal also has a built-in reminders system of key dates such as forthcoming pay dates and BACS.

"The system is very easy to use and the staff are refreshingly helpful. I would definitely recommend Dataplan"

Data security assured

Payroll data is extremely sensitive and that is why our online portal has been developed using the highest encryption technology to ensure complete security of this data. All payroll information is uploaded via the portal, which is far more secure than sending via email, and communications about payroll approval, exceptions and reports are also communicated via the portal.

Dataplan has ISO27001 Information Security Management accreditation which demonstrates we apply best practice to the handling and storing of all our clients’ data.

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