Online wage slips for your business

Although we still provide paper payslips for our clients, increasingly organisations are moving to self service payslips as a more streamlined and flexible option for their staff.

Our online wage slip solution allows employees to access and view their current and historical payslips, plus information such as P60s.

With smart devices now being the norm, employees now have internet access 24/7 and allowing them to access their wage slips online is far more convenient than posting paper payslips.

Access to an employees online payslip can be via the web or we have apps for both apple and android devices.

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A secure employee communication channel

Using our online payslip service opens up a range of communication options for your business. In addition to the payslip information, other important payroll and company documents can also be sent or accessed by the employee, such as p60s, staff handbooks and policy documents.

It can also act as a two-way communication channel allowing you to push messages out to your employees, but also allowing them, via self-service, to make changes themselves such as address and bank details.

Our experience has shown that employee take up of ePayslips is far greater if the online payslip and access portal is branded with the company that employs them. That is why we offer a custom branded option for our clients.

We can even provide communication materials such as posters to help your employees throughout the transition to electronic payslips

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A standalone service if required

Our ePayslips service is independent from our payroll service and as such not only do we provide for our payroll clients, we can also provide to organisations even if we do not currently process their payroll.

The platform is web-based so requires no software installation or IT upgrades and it can work with any payroll software.

For those clients where we do manage their payroll, our ePayslips service is provided inclusive to this service and at no additional charge.

Contact us to arrange a call to talk through how online payslips could be used in your organisation and the options available.

We’re a friendly bunch and we promise no hard sell.

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