Benefit from our in-house consultancy services

We pride ourselves on the knowledge of our payroll processors, but the world of payroll and pensions is highly complex and ever-changing, so we also have a team of in-house specialist who can provide specific support in key areas such as PAYE compliance.

How accurate is your PAYE, NI and Benefits in Kind (BIKs)?

Tax and benefits compliance is complex and the price for getting it wrong is high. Not only in tax inefficiencies, but also in possible HMRC fines and penalties.

In recent years, HMRC have upped the number of tax investigations on small businesses, in fact it is now a significant revenue earner for them so is likely to be an upward moving trend!

Our consultancy service is bespoke and will be tailored to your needs. It may be that you require a full review or advice on a specific issue such as off payroll working.

What does our PAYE and Tax Consultancy service include?


Our Health Check is an extensive evaluation of your current PAYE, tax and benefits systems. We use a 32-page checklist, so it is pretty comprehensive! We go through all your practices with a fine tooth comb because that is what HMRC will do if you are inspected, so we need to know all there is about your processes and systems.


This initial check phase will identify any problem areas that you need to address. Often we find that although the correct process is in place but it is not being executed properly. That is why is is so important to have such a thorough initial checking process.

Our aim is to ensure you have full compliance both in process and implementation.

In addition to payroll, we will also pick up on any related areas such as BIKs (Benefits in Kind) and Apprenticeship Levy.


Our advice will not only provide specific guides to ensuring compliance, it goes further into recommendations for any opportunities for greater tax efficiency and savings.

What happens if you get the dreaded HMRC inspection?

We can provide a support service for organisations subject to HMRC inspections, but the best way to avoid the pain of these inspections is to have brought your ‘house in order’ beforehand.

Our clients who have undertaken our tax inspection service find that they sail through inspections because their processes are correct.

If you have any specific concerns about your tax or PAYE systems and would like to discuss our consultancy services, we would be happy to discuss options with you

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