Dataplan are leading the way in the payroll sector with our carbon positive strategy

“Climate change is the single biggest threat to our future and the generations to follow. We must make changes and we must make them now. And it's not just up to individuals to make a difference, businesses must be responsible too. Every business needs to commit to reduce its carbon footprint and if possible reverse the impact it has made.” Stewart Waddell, Operations Director, Dataplan
carbon positive pledge

Our ambition and pledge is to be carbon zero and then move beyond achieving net zero carbon emissions to actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The carbon footprint of an outsourcing business, such as ourselves, may not be as heavy as other sectors, but we cannot ignore the fact that we must also do our part. Printing payslips, postage, powering our technology, the supplies and suppliers we use and even the way our employees travel for work, all contribute to our carbon emissions.

This is how we will do it:

  • Switching to carbon zero paper sources

  • Reducing the amount of payslips printed and posted by encouraging customers to move to ePayslips

  • Reducing the amount of business travel through the use of technologies such as video conferencing and incentivising sustainable travel

  • Switching to carbon zero energy suppliers and investing in renewable energy

  • Minimising single use products and maximising recycling

  • Planting trees to offset any carbon we can’t cut

Achieving these goals will require the commitment and willingness to change from everyone in the business but we are delighted that our staff are behind this initiative.