George Serls

Head of Innovation & Change Management

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After many years working with payroll, pensions, reward and other systems/applications in financial services, local government and not-for-profit sectors, George joined Dataplan in 2015.

George is our Head of Innovation and Change Management which means he is tasked with looking for ways we can improve and streamline our processes and systems. Technology, such as AI, plays a large part in delivering efficiencies and George works closely with our in-house team of techies.

George also has a passion for pensions and is involved in a number of pension engagement groups and forums that are shaping the future of the pension industry.

Superpower – Problem Identification and Elimination.

No problem is ever too large or too small and there is never such a thing as a daft question. He has x-ray vision when it comes to finding the root cause of any issue and then works in partnership with colleagues, specialists and stakeholders to create robust solutions for the future.