Previous experience working with Dataplan by the company owner resulted in our appointment as payroll provider for Diverse Dining providing payroll, BACS, pension management services and epayslips.

Diverse Dining’s growth means that new restaurants are opening and, as is typical of payrolls in the hospitality sector, there are a number of specific challenges including;

  • Different staff contracts and rates of pay
  • Varying shift patterns, overtime etc.
  • High levels of starters and leavers
  • Multiple worker nationalities
  • The need to integrate with other staff management software and systems

Working with Dataplan

Dataplan have supported the growth of Diverse Dining and continue to help find better ways of working such as the planned integration with Kronos, Diverse Dining’s scheduling software, and the move to a bi-monthly payroll cycle.

Dan Graham, Head of HR for Diverse Dining commented, “the team are a pleasure to work with and I have built relationships at all levels of the business.

Personal touches such as the gift to one of my staff members when she went on maternity leave are really appreciated by my team.

In our industry there are quite high levels of staff turnover so it is good that there is consistency in the people we work with at Dataplan.”