Greenford High School made the decision to outsource their payroll and contracted a payroll provider who had claimed education expertise. The company sent in a sales rep who convinced the school that they had the experience needed to provide a quality service.

After a couple of years, this proved to not be the case , they were unable to deal with the issues and complexities and the results were an inaccurate payroll and great deal of frustration for the school.

Our Solution

We met with the school to discuss their payroll requirements. Dataplan Education only employ payroll professionals, we don’t have a sales force, so the people Greenford High School met were the people who would be managing their payroll.

We were able to reassure them that their payroll was relatively straightforward and they were impressed with the service we could provide including:

  • Our online ePaysafe system which allows them to approve and view their payrolls
  • The bespoke reporting we set up that provides them with useful management information from the payroll
  • A cost effective per payslip price
  • The consistency of a payroll team that is a constant point of contact for them
  • Employees have access to ePayslips
  • Fully Managed Pension service

Greenford High School now has the peace of mind that their payroll is accurate, compliant and one less thing to worry about.