Written by Daniel Croft-B…
Published on July 19, 2017

Following completion of my university degree, I was interested in pursuing a career in an industry where I knew I would thrive. Therefore, I was careful enough to only apply for positions of employment that I felt fit my core values.

Following this approach, I was fortunate enough to secure the position of Graduate trainee payroll professional for Dataplan. I felt this was a suitable organisation for me to work for as following my dissertation on “The effects of leadership styles on motivation of Millennials” as I was able to understand what types of organisational and leadership values best motivated and satisfied my own core values.

My first week at Dataplan was interesting and fast paced, as a couple of members of the team I joined where either of holiday or due to go on holiday, which meant I was picking up payrolls from other members by day two of employment. This is something I enjoyed as I learn better by doing as opposed to observing. This also allowed me to get stuck in, create notes on how to process certain aspects of payrolls and understand how each payroll client has specific needs and an adaptive approach to be taken to ensure the payroll is processed correctly and effectively.

By the end of my first week I had managed to successfully process 4 different payrolls in the education sector and had managed to get my first payroll approval which was satisfying to know I was able to process my first payroll from start to finish without any problem.

Overall I feel my first week with Dataplan was a great learning curve as being thrown in to the deep end allowed me to learn quickly and understand how the majority of the payroll system works.