Written by Sam Woods
Published on January 27, 2014

Time and Attendance record keeping varies from Business to Business , it is often believed that the larger an organisation , the more effective and accurate the process becomes – this isn’t always the case and any Employer is vulnerable to human error, favouritism or just plain fraud.

No Employer wants to look like the Gestapo, but a few minutes here and there can certainly add up and if cost isn’t a major detractor, good accurate record keeping is just a good thing to have around!

We don’t all have the time to purchase a pipe, a magnifying glass and put Watson on the payroll, so looking out for these scenarios could save you time and expense

• Uncomfortable Management – Managers with the responsibility of updating attendance records. Some may ignore an employees 10 minute tardiness through fear of becoming an unpopular figure or causing friction. There can also be issues with favouritism , allowing some to slip through the net and others not.
• The Punch Pal – Colleagues clocking each other on and off site.
• Human Error – Records that are written or uploaded are always prone to human error, particularly if the process is not in the sole charge of one individual.
• System Flaws – Electronic Fob systems are particularly prone to malfunction – this can lead to further errors when uploaded on to spreadsheets.

In the age of Apps and small developers having new platforms to showcase their products, time and attendance software has really found itself a new lease of life and software is only getting better and more available ! There are so many creative and fresh approaches to Attendance Management easily available to Businesses, finding one to suit your cmpany really couldn’t be easier!