Written by Richard Rowell
Published on May 12, 2013

There are many payroll outsourcing solutions out in the market for companies needing a payroll service.

They range from highly sophisticated global providers such as ADP, Ceridian, Northgate or Bond to Joe Bloggs accountants who have Betty sat in a corner looking after their clients and processing their payroll each period.

Larger payroll providers often install their software at your premises for you to enter all of your data directly and then issue your payroll without a word being spoken. Meanwhile Betty has a fantastic personal relationship with her and is always talking to her customers. But, she is under resourced, at risk when at holidays or for sickness and is not using technology to make sure the process is simple and efficient generating maximum savings to customers

At Dataplan we believe that we have got the balance right with our managed payroll service. We have an IT team looking after the technology side. We develop our own award winning customer portal, ePaysafe, which is where payroll data is securely uploaded, approved and stored. We also develop our ePayslips solution allowing rapid introduction of new ideas into a rapidly growing product at the forefront of client demands.

More importantly than that we have a team of payroll people who have between them half a millennia of payroll experience, average 13 years each. That knowledge and personal experience means we use technology to improve efficiency and add value where we can but at heart our payroll outsourcing service is about people and relationships with the expertise our customers expect.