Having moved into the education team to take full command of the BACS processing (cue training montage), now with training complete I am currently undertaking the responsibility of ensuring every single employee is paid on time. It is my job to guarantee that the millions of pounds worth of wages that our Dataplan education superheroes process each month is transferred securely, accurately and promptly via our BACS system which has been fully approved for over 40 years now.


A standard day in the life of being Bacsman consists of using all equipped BACS belt tools to provide all clients with a service handled almost entirely by ourselves, minimising your stress on those horrible days in the lead up to pay day. Once your payroll is approved, there is no need to worry about the payment of your employees, so long as there are payments to be made Bacsman will not rest until those in need have their hard-earned wages.

Written by Glenn Watson
Published on May 29, 2015