Dataplan Payroll - Meeting your security needs

Dataplan Payroll - Meeting your security needs
Rowena McVie
Written by Rowena McVie
Friday, 23 September 2011 18:27

Over the last year 7 out of 10 UK organisations experienced a data breach, this is up 60% on the previous year. Data protection is a major concern for businesses, especially when it comes to handling employee's payroll information.

Regular data breaches are common and include:

  • Personal information 'misplaced' by large organisations
  • Stolen identity
  • Insecure and inappropriate disposal of personal information
  • Card cloning

Here at Dataplan we have developed and designed 'ePaysafe' a secure online site, which is bespoke to Dataplan. ePaysafe allows you to upload your payroll information to us safely and securely. We can then forward you the reports and payslips in the same secure manner.

Using ePaysafe has many benefits including:

  • Safe and secure transfer of data.
  • Reduced postal costs.
  • No waiting for urgent documents to arrive in the post.
  • 'Go Green' with reduced printing and paper waste.

If you would like further information on our payroll processing services then please contact us on 03331 123456 or follow this link for a payroll quote.

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