Written by craigstorr
Published on February 5, 2014

I must admit before I joined Dataplan I had no idea just how big the payroll function was to a business. In my previous jobs money hit the bank on payday and a payslip was put in my hand. I just assumed that behind the scenes were people crunching numbers into a computer, as easy as that. How wrong I was.

I recall on my first day at Dataplan being taken aback by just how close the team where to the client, from the admin staff right through to the director. Gone instantly was my image of a small team in a dark room putting numbers into a system. The phones were constantly ringing, with the team right there at the other end ready to handle anything that came their way. 3 years studying at university taught me all I needed to know about numbers and figures, but no one really prepared me for the company/client relationship that you need to build.

This all changed once the payrolls started coming my way. I would definitely say I am a numbers person; I like the rules and the definitive true or false answers that come with them. Yet there are no set rules for people, everybody is different as is every customer we look after. This is what I picked up and began to appreciate the longer I work at Dataplan.

One of the key strengths to this job is being adaptable to the client’s payroll outsourcing requirements. Dataplan process a large number of different payrolls for different clients and every one of them requires their own tailored service.  Building relationships with our customers is a must so that we get into their way of thinking, knowing what they require from us and the needs of their business. But I think its goes further than that, I speak to some clients 3 or 4 days a week and take great satisfaction knowing that they are confident and trust we can help them regardless of the query or problem.