Written by Richard Rowell
Published on May 20, 2010

2010 has been a fantastic year so far for Dataplan. The number of recommendations, referrals and enquiries we receive has grown enormously.

We have noticed a trend this year though. The increasing number of new customers complaining that their payroll outsourcing has been taken offshore by the payroll company itself. This has in many case left businesses felling that they are just a number with no personal care and employee payroll information is just being entered cheaply overseas.

We have always positioned our business with the philosophy big enough to count but small enough to care. That sentiment has never seemed more appropriate.

We take the view that once a company decides to outsource payroll high on the list of demands is the need to obtain payroll expertise they don't have. However, they want it to be delivered in a professional and personal manner creating a relationship with the payroll people. Companies don't generally use a payroll bureau to simply crunch numbers.

Ceridian have for many years centralised some payroll processing operations in Mauritius. We now understand that Moorepay have taken some of their processing their abroad too.

Rest assured, Dataplan are very firmly staying in the UK, developing the expertise of our own people to deliver that local personal service that as a consumer we always want.

To find out more about how Dataplan can bring their own brand of payroll heaven to your business contact us on 03331 123456 or fill in our payroll quote form and we'll be in touch.