Written by Ed Bergdahl
Published on January 25, 2018

Roughly six months ago I began a new chapter of my life and started my career in the payroll industry. Time travelling paradoxes aside, If I could look back and have a payroll-related conversation with my past self, I think past Ed might wonder exactly how he’ll end up getting from A to B.

Luckily we don’t have to rely on past Ed, and the answer is actually a simple one. Dataplan have invested in their people, subscribing myself and others to various courses over the past few months. It began with an introductory, 2-day course and has built up to the Payroll Technician Certificate for which a few of us have recently submitted our final assessments. Between that, there have been various in-house training courses, personal training days, coaching sessions and more. Another fantastic opportunity available to us is the personal development budget – perhaps future Ed might look back at me and wonder how I ever managed without the qualification he now has?

In the thirty weeks I have been working for Dataplan I have learnt more than I could have imagined I ever would, I am dealing with (and resolving!) problems that I never thought I would encounter, and most importantly, I’m having fun doing all of it.

Wait, did I say most importantly? The most important thing is that I have kept the promise I made in my last blog entry – I have stayed away from any and all fire hazards and the building is still standing!