Written by Ed Bergdahl
Published on July 10, 2017

In today’s climate, being a graduate is tough. Gone are the days when a degree all but ensured that one could walk out of university and into a career; the jobs are there, but the competition for them is far tougher than ever before. Finding a career where one can develop and grow is the aim, and now that I am into my second week at Dataplan, I feel that I’m on the right path.

From day one the entire team have made me feel welcome and supported, and with the guidance of my colleagues and the training opportunities that Dataplan provide, I will not be a trainee for long.

My first week at Dataplan has shown me a side to payroll that not many get to see; far more goes into ensuring the payslip an employee receives is accurate than one would initially think. An outsider looking in might see a room full of people tirelessly processing data, but I am an insider now, and what I see is a team of friends and colleagues working together to meet deadlines that absolutely cannot be missed and overcome all manner of obstacles as they arise – the work is reward in itself, knowing that our clients and their employees rely on us doing what we do to ensure that everyone is rewarded for what they do.

As I have mentioned, there is far more to Dataplan than just payroll. In my first week we had a barbeque to raise funds for the charities that Dataplan supports. I volunteered to help and it was a really nice affair. There was the small matter of the barbeque itself catching fire at one point (an excellent opportunity to test the fire extinguishers – you’ll be pleased to read that they work very effectively!) but other than that the event was a great success. Still, I think I’ll let someone else take a turn at cooking next time and offer to do the washing up instead.

Overall, my first week with Dataplan has been thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable – I have high hopes for week two and every week that follows.

Ed Bergdahl