Written by Alison Clynes
Published on June 20, 2010

Newspapers and magazines are still big business and despite the revolution brought about by Information Technology and its speed of delivery of the latest news about current affairs, sport, television and so on, the printed word still sells. The internet is used by newspaper publishers as well as television news media. They set up websites that are basically electronic versions of their hard copy papers but with several advantages in that they can update the relevant webpage with breaking news as it happens. The newspaper websites also have archives where back issues of their papers can be accessed.

Some local newspaper publishers may acknowledge the advantage of allowing a payroll company to handle their salary payments. Reporters who are asked to cover a news story at its location may need to claim expenses to cover the cost of travel, whether it is train fare or a petrol allowance, a possible overnight stay in the area and whatever other expenses are incurred as a direct result of investigating and reporting the story or news item. It is quite common nowadays for a reporter to use a lap-top to both write and email the item back to his office.

A payroll company, such as us at Dataplan Payroll services, will be able to deal with the process of checking receipts, making sure the reporter has claimed within his expenses allowance. We will ensure the payments are made speedily and the newspaper company is relieved of the burden of sorting out this as well as the payroll.