Written by Sam Woods
Published on January 5, 2014

Going back into the Office after the Christmas and New Year Break is an emotionally trying time for many. Those resolutions and Christmas Party romances now seem like nominations in the awards for your worst idea ever. If you don’t have the finance or the holiday allowance to jet to Hawaii until February, you may want to consider a good old fashioned Data cleanse to see you through the sluggish January blues.

For Payroll purposes, Data Cleansing is an extremely useful process which allows a streamlining of records and an update on the details that really matter. You may believe you are very much on the pulse when it comes to employee data but it can be surprising how easily important information can slip through the net. Furthermore, costly errors and mistakes to the payroll process are much more likely to be avoided if the correct information is readily accessible and thoroughly checked.

The process can be as simple as exporting all employee specific information on one secure spreadsheet, distributing forms for employees to update their address, names and bank details or removing details of those that are no longer employed. Long term the process can save valuable time and even potentially reduce payroll errors.
For larger employers, the process can be complex, there is a completive market of software available to assist in the management of data. This eases the burden on smaller payroll and HR departments, allowing more time to be focused on other aspects of employee wellbeing.

Clients of Dataplan Payroll will be aware of the large data cleanse we performed last year to enable the most up to date information to be transmitted to HMRC when Real Time information (RTI) went live in April 2013.

Customer feedback was very positive as the task encouraged employees to review and update their details, giving our customers confidence that both themselves and Dataplan had the same data to correlate and maintain.

The exercise was undertaken using our customer online portal ePaysafe where customers can review, approval & download payroll information.