Written by Alison Clynes
Published on June 24, 2010

Each sector of industry in this country has it own individual idiosyncrasies where the payroll is concerned and indeed each company with the sector will have issues to be dealt with.

For instance, design, media and IT companies will tend to be fast-moving and have a wide ranging salary structure, their personnel tend to change frequently and the company's expect any of their suppliers to be equally dynamic.

Here, at Dataplan Payroll services, we are confident that our solutions to payroll outsourcing will be able to keep pace and hopefully exceed all your company's requirements.

Recruitment agencies that have potential workers registered, keep them in a bank or a list of workers that they can access if a company requests a temporary worker to cover a maternity leave or extended staff leave, for example.

The high turnover of these workers needs a payroll outsourcing services with the expertise to handle issues such as:

  • A great many temporary staff that need to be paid on a weekly basis
  • Timescales that are very tight
  • Not a great deal of information about the workers

It would make sense then to consider outsourcing this aspect of the agency's business to an outside agency such as a payroll bureau.

Ideally the payroll company selected would have features such as; no extra charge for the taking on of new personnel, the staff's pay goes straight into their bank accounts using the payroll company's BACS system, the processing of leavers and the production and supplying of their forms P45.