Gender pay gap reporting requirements form part of the wide ranging compliance obligations affecting UK businesses. Indeed, with effect from April 2018, thousands of employers must publish – among other statistics – their median gender pay gap figures, mean gender pay gap totals and their proportion of males and females in each quartile of the pay hierarchy.

Assembling the relevant data to meet these publication requirements can be a complex task. The fact that the data in question must pertain to specific ‘snapshot’ dates can complicate the process further.

At Dataplan, dealing with complex and interlinking datasets is a task that we are engaged with day in, day out. We are skilled in extracting the relevant data – and then interpreting and presenting this data, in ways that are sophisticated, varied and that meet your legislative obligations.

How can we help?

For our payroll clients we have all the data we need to support them with their gender pay gap requirements.

We relish the opportunity to utilise the gender pay gap reporting process not just to ensure that our clients are compliant – but to give our clients a rich insight into variations within their organisation’s pay structure.

gender pay gap complianceNot only can we provide the data at an organisation level, we can also drill down to provide gender pay gap data by business unit or even department. For example a hotel chain could receive data by each hotel within the chain, or a large corporate have the data provided by site or even department. For Multi Academy Trusts, reporting on each school within the Trust has proved popular with our education clients.

We can even provide graphical representations of the data, branded with our clients details, helping to make their reporting clear and easy to understand.

We recognise that all our clients are unique and that’s why we approach gender pay gap reporting in a way that is tailored to their individual needs and expectations.

If you would like to discuss your Gender Pay Gap Requirements, call Paul Chappell on 03331 123456

Written by Jack SImpson
Published on July 26, 2019