Written by Jack SImpson
Published on May 13, 2016

The dawning of a new financial year is always an especially hectic time in Payroll Land. It has been incumbent on all of us to quickly adapt our thinking to the complexities of newly enforced legislation. This, of course, runs alongside all of the many challenges that payroll management brings at any time of year.

One aspect of the heightened workload that April brings is the distribution of P60s. These certificates, stating the amount of tax and National Insurance paid by all workers in the last tax year, must be issued in their entirety by the HMRC deadline of the 31st of May. Given Dataplan's ever growing client base, the printing, sealing and distributing of P60s is a truly mammoth task.

It is a challenge that I have been keen to get involved with and assist on, to help ensure its smooth running. It is not a job without its frustrations. The process of sealing P60s is not seamless and some do invariably become damaged in the sealer, creating a need for reprints. Meanwhile, the piles of P60s in need of sealing and sending have seemed so mountainous that progress has often appeared slow.

We are very nearly there. The final step, which I am overseeing, is meeting the need to reprint damaged P60s and responding to client requests for multiple copies.

It is fair to say that the last month at work has brought it stresses and strains, but I am relishing the challenge overall. With the first step of my CIPP training kicking in currently and a growing role in our Projects Team, things show no sign of quietening down any time soon!

As an afterthought have you ever thought about jumping on the ePayslip bandwagon? If you take our ePayslip service we can also deliver P60's electronically, saving you the need to deliver P60's and payslips to all of your employees. To find out more visit www.ePayslips.co.uk or get on touch with your usual contact at Dataplan.