Written by Jack SImpson
Published on February 5, 2018

The systems and technologies surrounding BACS payments rarely stand still, with changes and updates occurring on a regular basis.

A forthcoming change pertains to BACS processing reports being produced via a new server, resulting from an industry-related technical advancement. This new server generates XML reports according to more up-to-date standards.

The way in which BACS processing reports interface with businesses’ software may change as a consequence of the XML download change, with the new self-closing ‘tags’ within the reports potentially being unreadable and unusable on older software.

We at Dataplan Payroll are proud of our status as a fully accredited BACS bureau, using the latest BACSTEL IP systems and with top marks secured in all assessed areas at our last inspection. Being an IT payroll outsourcing company we are able to ensure we always meet the standard and ensure payroll compliance when changes come into play.

As such – all our BACS customers can rest assured that any changes to BACS’ practices, including the XML download changes, will be managed seamlessly and with minimal impact on them.