Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on June 22, 2017

When it comes to payroll, Dataplan helps our outsourcing customers in many different ways. To some, the world of payroll can be a dull one, so we wanted to create something exciting to get our staff and customers buzzin’.

We wanted to track customer errors on our internal system and aptly called this “Save Your Butt”. What is this, I hear you say? Well, our payroll teams don’t simply enter-in data changes like automated robots – far from it! Our payroll heroes review information and ensure it looks correct, before we dive in and make a start on paying your employees.

When we find an error, we log this on our “Save Your Butt” system, which tracks amounts saved for clients. This is then used to display to teams each month the total saved across our 2000+ payroll customers!

A couple of examples of a butt saved!

Payroll customer - One

The customer sent in payroll data in for June, which they had already sent in May; if we had just processed this, the customer would have paid over £125,000 in bonus payments again from the previous month! This would have been spotted at review level, but it’s still a save worth a mention.

Payroll customer - Two

In December, the customer asked us to apply a 3.5% pay increase on all employees within its warehouse department, which we applied and backdated to September as requested. In January, the customer asked Dataplan to increase the employees’ wages again by 3.5%. This triggered alarm bells to double check the instruction with the customer, which in turn resulted in another SYB!

These are just a couple of examples of how our payroll heroes really are payroll superstars, ensuring that we truly look out for our customers, reduce payroll administration errors and make sure the payroll is correct before payments are made.