Written by Stewart Waddell
Published on December 3, 2019
specialist pension team

With an established Education Pension Team, this new resource, led by our Head of Corporate Pensions Lucy Brewitt, with team assistants Sam Wingfield and Jake Wise ensures that the payroll professionals have sufficient time to do what they do best and any pension queries are passed to them.

Lucy previously worked at a firm of IFAs for 14 years dealing with pensions and investments so her background knowledge of pensions is vast. Sam has worked at Dataplan for two years, prior to this he was at university obtaining his Maths degree. Sam joined the Corporate Pensions Team after previously working on our Innovation Team so is well placed to improve and simplify processes. Jake is our Pensions Apprentice and has been with us for a year. Upon joining Dataplan, Jake has been helping with the administration of Local Government Pension Schemes and NEST.

The aim of the Corporate Pensions Team is to ensure all schemes that Dataplan manages are compliant; this includes ensuring contributions are paid in a timely manner and at the correct rates together with processing employee communications and the overall management of pension schemes.

Dataplan offers a full pension management service which includes:

  • Setting up a pension scheme
  • Assessing, postponing and enrolling employees onto the scheme
  • Deducting the relevant contributions from pay
  • Processing opt in and opt outs
  • Uploading contributions to the pension provider
  • Employee communications (under The Pension Regulator Rules letters must be issued within 6 weeks of an employee being assessed, postponed and enrolled)
  • Completion of Re-enrolment every 3 years
  • Completion of the Declaration and Re-Declaration of Compliance

Dataplan are at the forefront of technology and have incorporated this into pensions, creating our own API for NEST contributions and moving towards doing this for other pension providers.

The Peoples Pension is the next provider that we are working with to create an API. Rather than logging onto the pension provider sites and uploading contributions, our payroll software talks to the pension provider and uploads directly – this saves time and cost and ensures accuracy. Another great benefit is the notification of opt outs. For every provider that we communicate with via API, we will be automatically informed when an employee has opted out and it will appear on the tracker of your payroll professional to issue a refund in the next period.

If you have any questions or are interested in us taking over the management of your pension scheme, please contact us