Written by Jack SImpson
Published on May 20, 2016

Almost exactly a year since my university finals, it’s time to get on board the study train once again, as my CIPP training kicks in apace.

 Part of Dataplan’s fully funded study package, the Payroll Technician Certificate course is aimed at giving relative novices to payroll such as myself a broad understanding of numerous important areas. These include National Insurance, PAYE and statutory deductions; concepts that are all vital in grasping the nitty gritty of Dataplan operations.

Spanning a period of a little over four months in total, I am struck by how sympathetic the course timescale is to the busy nature of Dataplan working life, without being painstakingly slow. The online form of the course, meanwhile, is ideal in the way that it balances an emphasis on independent study with the input of a dedicated CIPP tutor, who emails regularly and is always on hand to provide help and support.

I am looking forward to making use of interactive features such as the online forum where we can liaise with fellow students. This opportunity to reason through ideas together, and test one another’s understanding, should prove invaluable over the coming months, particularly as we near assessment time, which commences in August.

I’m excited to have this chance to expand my payroll skills – and can’t wait to continue immersing myself in the study programme as it develops.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the courses and opportunities available for trainees at Dataplan – at graduate and other levels – please contact our HR Manager Lesley Morrison (lesley@dataplan.co.uk).