Embracing Equity in Payroll

Embracing Equity in Payroll 

Women have been advocating for the rights of upcoming generations for over a century; International Women's Day celebrates women's social, cultural, and economic successes and political achievements worldwide. This year's International Women's Day is themed #EmbraceEquity, so we interviewed Wendy Bagnall and Adele Blackham, both successful women in Payroll, asking them, "How does Dataplan embrace equity?" 

What is Equity?  

Firstly, it is essential to distinguish "equity" from "equality" as they are often used interchangeably. It is necessary to appreciate equity within its own right, as equality is no longer considered enough within business structures and social systems. Let us define the two:   

Equality gives everyone the same resources or opportunities to complete a task/job. 

Equity is about recognising that everyone has different circumstances and giving them the resources to reach an equal outcome. 

How does Dataplan recognise equity?

Dataplan embraces equity in several ways. Adele, our Client Services Director has worked in Payroll for over 30 years since finishing school and has seen Payroll adapt and evolve. More businesses are now outsourcing as the demand becomes more sophisticated. Adele has progressed her career from a junior role to management and leadership over the years. On-the-job experience, mentor support, and the determination to learn were vital elements in her career progression.

"I have seen people from various experience levels, from school leavers and apprentices to graduates and career switchers," she said. "We've got a great mix of ages. A willingness to succeed, discover more and learn will get people far."

Wendy, our Head of Corporate, has had a career in Payroll, specifically with Dataplan, for 12 years. She started in the BACS departments, processing wages, and then moved into the healthcare department. At an appraisal, Wendy plucked up the courage to ask for a more managerial role and further responsibility. Shortly after this, she became an assistant manager and was soon overseeing her department. 

"I can honestly say that I don't think anything at Dataplan holds you back," Wendy said. "If you want to go for it, do it! If you want to reach higher, Dataplan will support you!"  

It does not stop there.

Staff at Dataplan have a voice. Various committees are set up throughout Dataplan to ensure employees have their say and are heard. This opportunity allows employees to make a difference and initiate change.

Dataplan also encourages individual target setting. Managers are proactive in aiding employees to achieve outcomes, empowering them to take ownership of their personal goals. 

Our career switch incentive takes applicants with transferrable skills gained through various past work experiences and provides them with an opportunity in Payroll. Dataplan encourages people to challenge, innovate and apply a fresh way of thinking, along with being committed to the values and ethos of the company. We offer an extensive 12-week training program that supports individuals to become confident and knowledgeable payroll advisors.

Furthermore, Dataplan prides itself on its corporate culture and values; therefore, qualifications are not the "be-all and end-all." Valuing people's experience and where they start from is just as important, which is why we at Dataplan #EmbraceEquity.


Written by Katie Bell
Published on March 7, 2023

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